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Os céus como fronteira: a verticalização no Brasil

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Os céus como fronteira: a verticalização no Brasil

Date 10 Jun 2013-10 Jul 2013

Metrô Carioca station
Avenida Rio Branco, Centro

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Metrô Carioca

The irony of hosting an exhibition about Brazil's first skyscrapers in an underground Metrô station notwithstanding, 'The Sky is the Limit: Brazil goes vertical' is a fascinating look at a bygone Rio when the only breaks in the horizon were the hillside. Starting in São Paulo with the vanity project of Giuseppe Martinelli, obsessed with constructing the tallest building in South America (named, naturally, after himself), in Rio de Janeiro, the upward thrust happened simultaneously in Copacabana and Centro. The Edificio OK residential tower was the first in the former in 1920 (pictured), but it was around the glorious Theatro Municipal that they shot up in number; the Glória, Natal, Capitólio and Fontes buildings all marked a boom in the region, and all had the cinemas on the ground floor that still lend the area its popular name today.

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