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Far from town, the sprawling conference centre is big, but it certainly isn't 'central'.


Avenida Salvador Allende 6555, Barra da Tijuca

Telephone (21) 3035 9100

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Its all about the impressive facts and figures with Riocentro since it is one of the more difficult places to access from Zona Sul, particularly if you are factoring in a Barra rush hour or weekend evening traffic. So here goes; 570,000 square metres, 7,000 parking spaces, five pavilions, one heliport and a huge tropical garden make it well equipped to deal with the masses when it comes to events like Rio Oil and Gas when industry leaders from all over the world descend on the region. The music events were taken out of the schedule after one too many complaints from the neighbours, leaving mainly corporate and well-behaved affairs like the huge mother and baby fairs and annual food fest that is the Feira da Providência.

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