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Travessias 2

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Travessias 2

Date 13 Apr 2013-23 Jun 2013

Open Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays: 10am-6pm; Thursdays and Fridays: 10am-8pm

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Galpão Bela Maré
Rua Bittencourt Sampaio 169, Maré, Zona Norte

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The biggest (and probably flattest) favela in Rio de Janeiro, Maré finally received the cultural attention it deserved from the local authorities with the establishment of the Bela Maré project and cultural centre in 2011. After years of neglect, such activities in this part of the city provide both an inspiration and education to the culturally diverse edge of Guanabara Bay.

In its second edition, the Travessias 2 programme once more allows access to the world of visual arts largely out of the reach of the vast majority of those living in Maré. The exhibition this year presents works by famous artists including Ernesto Neto and Vik Muniz in addition to architectural and design workshops. During the two months that the show will remain set up at the Bela Maré, a series of interviews and presentations will be held on Saturdays to discuss issues relating to art, culture and social change in the city.

Key participants and speakers across the event include:

  • 11 May, 4pm - Carlos Vergara, Ricardo Henriques, Fernanda Abreu and MV Bill
  • 25 May, 4pm - Ratão Diniz, Ronaldo Lemos, Marcelo Yuka and José Padilha
  • 8 June, 4pm - Daniel Senise and Paul Heritage
  • 23 June, 4pm - Conference closing session with Fred Coelho, Luisa Duarte, Jailson de Souza, Felipe Scovino and Luiza Mello

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