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O Resto é Arte

Can garbage be art? A new exhibition aims to prove it can.

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O Resto é Arte

Date 18 Jun 2012-22 Jun 2012

Open noon-6pm

Galeria Coleção de Arte
Praia do Flamengo 278, Flamengo

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Metrô Flamengo

Walking into an art gallery and admiring a piece of broken glass has become as common as contemplating garbage, toilets, screws or cans. Following Duchamp's urinal lead, carioca Luciana Conde opened the doors of a new art gallery in Flamengo, Coleção de Arte, showcasing collections with such everyday objects as toilets, brooms, bins and household junk. The timely exhibition on Praia do Flamengo with the People's Summit taking place just across the road, 'The Rest is Art' is all about encouraging viewers to look at objects differently, as espoused by the likes of Vik Muniz, Edmilson, Marcos Cardoso and Artur Barrio. Expect to see pieces of art made with garbage bags, used truck tarpaulin, scraps of Carnival costumes and even dinner leftovers.

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