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Urca's fishing boats turn art canvasses.

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Date 01 May 2012-15 Jul 2012

Flutuarte website

Quadrado Da Urca
Avenida Portugal, Urca

Nearby Stations
511, 512

The picturesque peninsula of Urca has welcomed members of the international art community to its tiny fishing harbour since February, thanks to Flutuarte. The project, dreamt up by two New Yorkers from the Free Art Society encourages local and international artists (and indeed anyone with a passing interest in what they are creating) to pick up the paintbrush and go to work on a boat's roof. Set to be officially unveiled on 29 June, when twelve of the fifty or so boats earmarked for painting will set sail, the vessels are nonetheless permanently moored and viewable when not in use. The painting sessions themselves can take place at any time during the week, with impromptu music and barbecue sessions to accompany the creativity.

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