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Five Minutes with... Marcos Chaves

Following a residency in China in 2011, Marcos Chaves is set to inaugurate a new collective of artists in the newly-pacified Complexo da Maré. Time Out meets the city's master of the avant garde.

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Rio?
Santa Teresa for its scale, historic buildings, the silence, the marvellous views and for its oneness with the forest.

If you were mayor for a day what would you do?
Knock down some of the buildings built during the military dictatorship in areas of nineteenth century mansions, like the 30-floor one that occupies the spot where there once were two 2-floor houses, a true monument to tight-fistedness!

Where's your favourite place to chill out?
Paineiras, during the weekends the road is closed off to cars in the daytime.

And to party?
I love watching the shows on Morro da Urca or at Circo Voador, then take a tour through the traffic-free, closed roads of Lapa.

Carnival - escape the city or jump right in?
Jump in! Take advantage of the resurgence of blocos in Rio, especially those that start in the morning. 

What is your favourite restaurant in Rio?
There are loads that I like but i’m going to say Bazzar in Ipanema and Zuka in Leblon, and not forgetting the picanha especial at the Majórica churrascaria in Flamengo, and then there's the excellent bars spread all over the city.

Which is your favourite shop?
Casas Pedro, a shop of bulk herbs and sauces that began in the Saara and has expanded throughout the city.

Where do you go to the beach?
Arpoador (in the day and at night!).

What music are you listening to at the moment?
The album Onde Mora o Segredo by Arícia Mess

Which Carioca do you admire the most?
Raul Mourão, a visual artist and true carioca, full of energy and always involved in the city’s cultural life.

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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