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St Patrick's Day 2013

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St Patrick's Day 2013

Date 16 Mar 2013-17 Mar 2013

Wherever you are in the world, come 17 March and St Patrick's Day, you can find a party where the Guinness flows freely and shamrocks line the walls. It's the one day of the year when everyone rediscovers their previously-forgotten Irish roots, all in the name of a hefty drink up and Rio is of course no different. With a choice of do's for plastic Paddies, the genuinely Irish and those inquisitive cariocas that will drink anything, even if it's green and covered with whipped cream, here are the best ways to commemorate Saint Patrick and his walking stick that was said to take route wherever he evangelised, such was the length of time it took for the people to understand the message. Much like most of the conversations taking place as the evenings wear on this weekend.


Saturday 16 March (from 4pm)
If you are looking to avoid Guinness today, which admittedly could be tricky, head to this pub in Botafogo and enjoy the vast selection of 240 different beers from all over the world lining the shelves. On entry you'll also receive a free t-shirt or commemorative mug. Rua Martins Ferreira 71, Botafogo (R$60 includes 3 chopps and a free gift).

La Esquina Teatro Bar

Saturday 16 March (from 9pm)
The Lapa favourite will be giving away lots of St Patrick's freebies with the beer to help fire up the party spirit. Live music comes in the form of the Jack 'n' Coke Rock Band doing a special set dedicated to the music of U2 and The Cranberries. Avenida Mem de Sá 82, Lapa (R$20-$25).

Espaço Acústica

Saturday 16 March (from 11pm)
Centro's sharpest open-air club looks like having the ultimate St Patrick's day celebration Rio has to offer. Traditional irish music, punk, celtic and folk metal plus a one-off performance of Irish dancing by Paula Sabbatino takes care of the atmosphere. Special performances from Café Irlanda and R.O.T.S (Riot On The Ship) and a plethora of DJs will be sure to keep the clubbers in the mood, whilst dressing up is firmly encouraged with prizes for best outfits. Praça Tiradentes 2 & 4, Centro (R$25-$35).

Casa da Matriz

Saturday 16 March (from 11pm)
The famous Matriz Irish night also looks after drinkers looking to see paddies day involve more than just an afternoon pint in the pub. The sure of constitution can head for the 'St Patrick's' shot with it's whipped cream topping and mint liqeur (R$8 for two) and genuine Pat's of both sexes get in for free. Rua Henrique de Novaes 107, Botafogo (R$20-$25).

Lapa Irish Pub

Saturday 16 March (from 1pm)
An obvious choice for a real Irish party but not for the faint of heart given the early start. Drink into the afternoon with a soundtrack of live rock and roll from three of the pub's favourite bands; Black Track, Sideways and O Jardim Magico. Rua Evarista da Veiga 147, Lapa (R$10-$15).


Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March (from 2pm)
The Ipanema pub and sports bar overlooking General Osório will be hosting live music from four bands and offering specials on the inevitable rivers of Guinness, scarily green chopp and traditional Irish grub. Rua Visconde de Pirajá 112, Ipanema (Free).

Lord Jim

Sunday 17 March (from noon)
A great spot if you are looking to sing your heart out without getting nasty looks (or not as the case may be), Lord Jim's St Patrick's party brings the karaoke to the inevitable afternoon pile up. Exploit the 2-for-1 Jagermeister deal and green chopp beer and sing for your Irish stew supper like Shane McGowan or Sinead O'Connor. Rua Paul Redfern 44, Ipanema (Free).

Delirium Café

Sunday 17 March from 5pm
Wear green to the beer specialist's knees-up and a round of Guinness and a surprise gift could just be yours. A soundtrack of Irish classics and a vast range of beers to choose from, the Guinness (R$18.90) isn't quite as expensive as some you will find, but options abound on the bulging shelves lining the wall. Rua Barão da Torre 183, Ipanema (Free).

Words by Jessica Burley

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