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After-hours drinking

There are surprisingly few places outside of the clubs to grab a beer at 4am, so Time Out runs down some of the best options for when you're just not ready to call time on a night out.

The Classic - Jobi
An absolute institution among the old guard of Leblonites, hip and well-heeled locals and tourists alike, Jobi's customers spill out onto the pavement day and night, the waiters deftly delivering a never-ending supply of chopp through the crowds. Great early evening, rambunctious as it wears on, it really hits its stride at 4am as the perfect final port in a boozy storm, staying open until at least 5am as long as there are enough thirsty punters to keep the barmen occupied.

The student favourite - Pizzaria Guanabara
Lapa and Leblon are both represented by the Guanabara chain of pizza restaurants, but it is the former that sees most of the early morning action as the hoards roll out of the clubs looking for somewhere to park up and dissect the evening's goings on. Guanabara doesn't disappoint, with bags of seating to be had outside and more indoors if you are unlucky enough to miss out on the terrace, where the people going by are likely to be as entertaining as those you are sat with.

The sleazy - Balcony Bar
Something of a specialist tourist haunt for want of a better expression, the prostitutes that line the walls with outrageous attire and determined expressions tend to quickly ensure any stray holidaying families realise there is nothing PG about Balcony Bar. Open 24 hours a day, by the time the sun starts to rise and the girls' business slows to a halt, it reveals itself as something of a classic Copacabana bar, with a view across to the beach, towers of beer with confused drinkers underneath and, if you still have an appetite, one of the only late night bagel bars you are likely to come across.

The local option - Simplesmente
Santa Teresa has some exquisite watering holes but none that really like to stay open beyond their curfew. Simplesmente bucks that trend and as such gets a joyous, heaving crowd long after their neighbours have closed down, with cheap garrafas of beer greedily glugged down until 4.30am at the weekends.

The sunrise special - Quiosque do Pão de Queijo
Ipanema's beachfront kiosks are soon set to go the way of Copacabana's, getting souped up for the big brands to move on in, but until they do they remain that rare treasure; an Ipanema beach locale with cheap beer and plenty of personality. Open 24 hours a day, the Pão de Queijo kiosk on posto 9 is a fine place to round of a hard night of partying. No worries about smoking policies, the glorious sound of crashing waves nearby and the added bonus of a hundred Ipanema go-getters on their morning constitutional, sweating off precious pounds as you pile them on in carefree abandon.

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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