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Blue Jasmine

A new must-see from Woody Allen.

Blue Jasmine

Date 15 Nov 2013-20 Dec 2013

Opens 15 Nov 2013

Director Woody Allen

Cast Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins, Louis C.K., Andrew Dice Clay

Blue Jasmine website

Blue Jasmine website

Well, it's Woody Allen. In short, the movie is about a New York housewife struggling through a life crisis. A richly layered character portray with elements of romance, family relations, the gain and loss of fortune, addiction and emotional breakdowns.

A fantastic cast assembly with Oscar worthy performance from Cate Blanchett playing the leading lady - Jasmine. People seems to forget about this Aussie talent when talking about Australian film stars (Nicole Kidman, justifiably so, usually is the first name comes to mind. Or even Rebel Wilson for the younger crowd). Her highly controlled, yet explosive performance will surely bring her some nods in the coming award season.

The film is permeated with Woody Allen’s iconic dark humor and ultra-realistic dialogues. The uneven narrative structure laid out by Allen did seem lopsided. However, Blanchett’s electrifying depiction keeps audience engaged during the rather short 100 mins picture.

This is the first movie production Woody Allen did in US in years, and certainly he did not disappoint. One of Allen’s best work. One of the best work this year to date.  

An interview with Woody Allen with Time Out London if you are interested some further readings.  

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Words by Christopher Yue

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