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Coração do Samba

Get a backstage look at one of the most famous and best-loved samba schools in Rio a stone's throw from the school itself.

Coração do Samba

Opens 31 Mar 2012

Director Thereza Jessouroun

Coração do Samba means Heart of Samba, and it's precisely there where this documentary intends to take the viewer - more specifically, to the drum troupe of Mangueira, one of the most famous of all the samba schools. This free showing takes place in the heart of Mangueira itself, which should guarantee a fervent audience response. Thereza Jessouroun has packed her film with characters, colours and stories, aiming to show a link between the past and the school as it is today, and how the traditions of Mangueira have been passed down from father to son over many years. The documentary follows the narration of Elmo dos Santos, the son of one of Mangueira's drum troupe founders, and shows the inside experience from maintainence of the instruments to the final selection of the costumes.

Cinema da Gente, Rua Visconde de Niteroi, 8pm (next to Buraco Quente).

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