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Anderson Silva - Like Water

Following the ultimate fighting champ as he prepares for a major fight harks back to the great Muhammed Ali.

Anderson Silva - Like Water

Opens 16 Mar 2011

Director Pablo Croce

Cast Anderson Silva, José Aldo, Junior dos Santos

If Brazilians dominate the immensely popular UFC sport, Anderson Silva is widely considered to be the best fighter of them all in today's sport. This documentary follows the taciturn Silva as he prepares for a crucial fight against his American rival Chael Sonnen, the anticipation building as Sonnen's trash talking in the lead up to the fight contrasts with the familiy man Silva's more philosophical approach. This way of telling the story of the middleweight fighter, unbeaten at that point in 12 matches, mirrors that other documentary based on the preparation for a big fight, When We Were Kings. That film showed how boxers like Muhammed Ali were made or destroyed not only in the ring but also by the immense media machine around them, and Dana White's UFC is no different, worth $2billion as it is and each UFC fight rivalling Carnival's samba parade in TV ratings. Like Water gives an insight into the backstage world behind this great show, and it is testament to the popularity of UFC in Brazil that this is the first of several documentaries on it set to hit screens this year.

Words by Beth McLoughlin

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