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Vivi Seixas: interview

With the documentary charting his incredible career finally released, Raul Seixas' daughter, Vivi, talks to Time Out.

Equal parts idol, genius and rock ‘n’ roll visionary, Raul Seixas’ legacy as the forefather of Brazilian rock music is as strong today as it ever was. A new documentary 'Raul: O Inicio, O Fim e O Meio', charts a remarkable life with the help of previously unseen footage and interviews and, of course, an essential soundtrack. Directed by Walter Carvalho, the film takes a look at a career that spanned 26 years and 21 albums before his untimely death in 1989, as well as his family life and the obsessive fans that today ensure that their demi-god is not forgotten.

Vivi Seixas, Raul’s daughter from his third marriage to Kika, is herself something of a figure on the contemporary carioca music scene. As a DJ and producer she has crafted herself a career playing in the most well-respected clubs in Brazil, and although she missed the preview screenings thanks to a certain trip into the Amazon for a reality TV show earlier in the year, she attended the premieres both in Rio and Raul's native Salvador with a sense of pride.

Why do you think your father's music is still so popular?
My dad’s music was ahead of its time, and the lyrics are still current and still reverberate with people young and old, people who weren’t even born when he was recording. It is part of his magic that he can touch every age and social class – everybody gets his message and I think he is almost more relevant today than ever.

What are your first memories of his music and what does it mean to you now?
I grew up listening to very good music so it has inspired me a lot – I don’t DJ rock ‘n’ roll but that sense of what is good is definitely there because of my father. I did some remixes of my Dad’s music, where I thought the melody could be more modern, so I made some tracks but was sure to leave his identity in there.

Do you still feel the influence of your dad in what you do?
Its funny, because I never new which path to go down, but I feel I have the music in my veins, and im sure he would be proud of what I’m doing today and ask me to put some beats to his music.

Do you think being the daughter of Raul Seixas has opened doors for you?
There’s positive things to being Raul Seixas’ daughter and people are curious to know what his daughter is doing, but at the same time its lots of responsibility on my back. They always expect me to be as genius as my dad was, but unfortunately im not as genius as he was. But i've got good taste in music!

Is there any unreleased music or an album coming out to tie in with the film?
There’s the Baú do Raul – my dad’s chest (and the name of a 2005 biography with accompanying rarities CD) – where he kept notebooks and lyrics, and there’s new lyrics that haven’t been released yet, but I think first the movie, then the soundtrack, but there’s lots of hidden things to come from Raul’s chest.

Now you have seen the film, are you happy with it? 
Walter Carvalho is a great director and there is lots of footage in there that I’d never seen before, like of my mum when she was younger, his kids and his wives. Too many wives in my opinion ha ha. Its great that the new generation can see real images of him. Different to a fiction movie.

Raul: O Inicio, O Fim e O Meio is out now in cinemas nationwide

This article was updated on 26 March 2011

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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