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Rio Film Festival Top 5: Gay

A handful of the best films being shown in the Gay World section of this year's Rio Film Festival.

Lovely Man
2011, 76 mins
A moving drama following a 19-year-old Muslim girl who arrives in the big city for the first time looking for her long-lost father. Despite soon discovering he is a transvestite and prostitute, the two roam Jakarta together for a night, rediscovering each other, and learning a lot about life on the way.

  • 2/10 midnight - Sesc Botafogo
  • 3/10 7.30pm - Vivo Gávea
  • 6/10 3.20pm - Sesc Barra

Bye Bye Blondie
2012, 87 mins
Social satire set twenty years after two girl's passionate affair as teenagers, the down-on-her-luck drifter Gloria and now-successful TV host Frances meet again in Nancy, France, but the two worlds they now inhabit seem destined to keep them apart.

  • 30/09 10pm - Vivo Gávea
  • 5/10 midnight - Sesc Botafogo
  • 8/10 2pm - São Luiz
  • 8/10 7pm - São Luiz

How To Survive A Plague
A moving documentary showing how two activist groups, ACT UP and TAG, helped turn AIDS 'from a death sentence into a manageable condition'. Their members, mostly HIV-positive young men and women, took on the medical establishment, moving experimental drugs into mainstream use in record time and reducing the stigma of being HIV-positive.

  • 28/9 9pm - Cine Santa
  • 8/10 midnight - Sesc Botafogo
  • 9/10 7.50pm - Vivo Gávea

Zenne Dancer
2012, 99 mins
Based on a true story, Daniel, a German photojournalist in search of inspiration in Istanbul, meets Can, a belly dancer pursued for having escaped from military service. Daniel falls in love with Can's friend Ahmet who comes from a conservative family living in the Turkish countryside, with tragic consequences.

  • 4/10 midnight - Sesc Botafogo
  • 5/10 7.30pm - Vivo Gávea

Keep The Lights On
2012, 101 mins
An intimate look at the turbulent relationship between Erik and Paul, amidst drug habits and sexual compulsions, as well as with their own limitations. Winner of the Teddy Award for Best Feature at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival

  • 4/10 3.20pm - Barra Point
  • 6/10 midnight - Sesc Botafogo
  • 7/10 7.50pm - Vivo Gávea

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Rio Film Festival Top 5: Gay video

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