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Bloco Suvaco do Cristo

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Bloco Suvaco do Cristo

Date Sun 03 Feb 2013

Open 10am

Bloco Suvaco do Cristo website

Rua Jardim Botânico, Jardim Botânico

Legend has it that the man behind Suvaco do Cristo (which translates as 'Christ's Armpit' - look up for the reason why) is, somewhat surprisingly given his bloco has reached 'essential' status among the 500-plus on offer, not exactly the greatest fan of Carnival, hence the fact that his road-closing street party is always out of the way a week before the main event kicks in. Starting on the corner of Rua Jardim Botânico and Rua Faro, it trundles along the main road some 50,000-strong, past the gardens themselves and coming to a staggering, swaying halt at Gávea's Praça Santos Dumont. Always incredibly busy and full of some pretty out-there costumes, for many it is the curtain-raiser to Carnival itself, demanding an early start if you want to get near the music, and a late finish if you end up in Braseiro or loiter around Baixo Gávea afterwards.

Getting there: The main road is closed from around 8am so get a bus to the end of Humaitá and walk towards the beating drums.

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