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Bloco Orquestra Voadora

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Bloco Orquestra Voadora

Date Tue 12 Feb 2013

Open 2pm

Bloco Orquestra Voadora website

The Orquestra Voadora bloco has been one of the highlights of Carnival since first emerging in 2008, when the group attracted some 5,000 people to the rhythm of their really, really big drums. Now the crowd sized has multiplied and the band have become famous, forcing them to the Aterro Flamengo so as not to bring any more of the city to a standstill than is absolutely necessary. The cheeky covers of Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye will get the masses pogoing, but it's the all-out passion in every trumpet parp and toot coupled with the crowd interaction and out-there outfits that make the bloco live long in the memory. As ever, arriving in good time will get you nearer the action, or find a strategic perch on the hills and bridges of Flamengo Park and watch the madness roll by.

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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