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Bloco Céu na Terra

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Bloco Céu na Terra

Date Sat 09 Feb 2013

Open 2 February 5pm; 9 February 9am

There are few things better in life than winding through the streets of Santa Teresa with several thousand drunk pirates by your side at ten in the morning, liberally being hosed down by the locals keen to keep their new guests cool while well-prepared folk literally demand you try their (deceptively potent) R$3 frozen caipirinhas. The Céu na Terra band are a competent bunch, knocking out crowd-pleasing marchinhas on repeat with plenty of trombone and trumpet to keep things bouncing along. It can get a little squashed as Largo de Guimaraes comes into view, but the grand finale at Largo das Neves and resulting sense of achievement at not having passed out/got trampled on/lost your parrot is more than reward enough.

Of course, there is always the afternoon installment to consider, but whichever day you choose the majority of taxi drivers will be reluctant to make the journey uphill if you leave it too late, so either try to convince them to persevere, walk, or steal a march on the crowds and arrive an hour before kick-off.

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