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Bloco Timoneiros da Viola

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Bloco Timoneiros da Viola

Date Sun 03 Feb 2013

Open Noon

Rua João Vicente, Oswaldo Cruz, Zona Norte

Nearby Stations
Oswaldo Cruz overland train station

In homage to the great Paulinho de Viola, Timoneiros bloco gathers this weekend with the sole intention of delivering the true classics of the great sambista's genre to the masses, from Bide, Nelson Cavaquinho, Cartola, João da Baiana and, of course, the man himself. The Velha Guarda da Portela band that Paulinho first gathered together in the 1970s once again takes part on the top of a huge sound truck, weaving its way through the historic neighbourhoods of Oswaldo Cruz and Madureira. If you want a genuine taste of street Carnival Zona Norte-style, this is one not to be missed.

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