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Bloco Carmelitas

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Bloco Carmelitas

Date Tue 12 Feb 2013

Open Fri 1pm; Tue 10am

Rua Dias dos Barros, Santa Teresa

Nearby Stations
Metrô Glória

As soon as the bell goes on the Friday afternoon before Carnival, the party begins in earnest and offices empty out for five days of frolicks. The first port of call for many is the Carmelitas bloco, a traditional weekend starting point for the thousands of loyal followers with the improbable crowd packing the narrow streets behind (as well as beside and infront of) the colourful floats and bloco members dressed as nuns, a nod to the religious order that gave it its name. Starting on Rua Dias de Barros, it comes to a halt at Largo do Guimarães, itself offering plenty of options to keep the party going, and revs up all over again for Carnival Tuesday four days later.

Getting there: From Glória Metrô station you can take a moto-taxi (R$3) or van (R$4) up Rua Candido Mendes and ask for Rua Dias de Barros or 'Carmelitas'.

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