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Samba do Ouvidor

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Samba do Ouvidor

Date Sat 28 Sep 2013

Open 3pm

Samba do Ouvidor website

Rua do Ouvidor (corner of Rua do Mercado), Centro

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Metrô Carioca

Centro's regular samba sessions on Rua do Ouvidor are more of a get-together between friends than a formal music event, which is to take nothing away from the quality of the music that has long enjoyed a strong reputation in this lively corner of town. Amongst the samba lovers you will find congregating on the narrow street are youngsters starting the weekend with a few beers, families having a laid-back lunch, and everything in between, all united by the sounds of the roda de samba. Liven up a Saturday afternoon then head back home for a night cap, or carry on from here to wherever the rest of the evening takes you.

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