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Prices from R$ 120 to R$ 340

Date Thu 25 Jul 2013

Open 9:30pm

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Avenida Embaixador Abelardo Bueno 3401, Barra da Tijuca

Telephone (21) 3035 5200

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Regardless of whether upbeat emo pop-punk is your cup of tea or not, the infectious energy and catchy melodies that have won Paramore millions of fans worldwide just can’t be denied. Led by spunky frontwoman Hayley Williams, a petite red-headed powerhouse of a singer, the US band were catapulted to success in 2007 with the release of Riot! an album that was brimming with youthful, raw energy and plenty of lyrics worthy of a classic high school romance.

The band’s third effort, 2009’s Brand New Eyes, strayed away from the hopeful naïvety that marked the band’s previous work, succesfully creating a more mature and critically-acclaimed sound. Influenced by teen pop-punk queen Avril Lavigne and emo rockers Jimmy Eat World, Paramore have become icons to a younger generation of hardcore rock lovers with their effervescent performances and Williams’s sassy stage presence. As if to prove their work ethic, the world tour takes in seven gigs in Brazil alone. Beat that, Elton.

Words by Maria Lopez Conde

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