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Samba at Salgueiro

Dance until you drop along with Salgueiro's samba queen hopefuls for 2013.

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Samba at Salgueiro


Date Sat 25 Aug 2012

Open 10pm-4am

Quadra do Salgueiro
Rua Silva Teles 104, Andaraí, Tijuca

Months ahead of Carnival 2013 we may be, but the rehearsals have already begun in earnest in Tijuca, where every Saturday the Salgueiro school opens to members and the public alike showing their weekly dedication in the hope of a free costume and a spot in next year’s parade. Always popular with tourists given its proximity to Zona Sul, the majority try gainfully to keep their footwork in time with the racing, thundering percussion and stare in amazement at the twinkly bits covering not very much of the fast-shaking samba queens.

Entering into the proud red and white world of Salgueiro, the flag is to the fore, designed in 1956 and showing 16 red and white stripes bursting out of the Académicos do Salgueiro symbol of the percussion instruments. After various changes, the original flag was reinstated in 2006, and the colour scheme is echoed throughout the hangar-like hall, with red and white tiling on the ceiling, and red tables and chairs to collapse into with a beer or a caipirinha as a breather from the dancing.

In 2012's parade, with their homage to the Northeast, Salgueiro won second place in the Sambódromo behind Tijuca, and the weight of expectation and detail that goes into the costumes on display here ensure the fun is still taken very seriously. Meanwhile, outside the cachorro-quente (hotdog) stands and stalls selling more traditional Brazilian dishes such as mocotó (beef stew) are poised to mop up the exhausted dancers' appetites, while local kids run around still full of beans and wondering why everyone over 20 looks knackered.

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