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Trem do Samba

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Trem do Samba

Date Sat 01 Dec 2012

Open Music begins 3pm. Trains depart at 6.04pm, 6.24pm, 6.44pm, 7.04pm and 7.24pm

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Estação Central
Praça Cristiano Ottoni, Centro
In celebration of National Samba Day, four trains laden with the spirit and sound of Rio's most famous rhythm will once more be rumbling down the tracks from Central Station to Oswaldo Cruz, home of some of the city's most revered composers. The premise is straightforward, the idea fairly insane, and the result a riot of dancing and typically carioca loose-limbed behaviour. A total of 36 carriages, each with their own band of merry music makers including such notables as Cacique de Ramos and the Bip Bip roda de samba, will be hauled by five trains, the first leaving at 6.04pm and headed up by the Velha Guarda ('Old Guard') of the Portela, Império Serrano, Salgueiro and Vila Isabel samba schools.

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