Time Out Rio de Janeiro


Sunday 10 February, 10.15pm.

Beija Flor | Grande Rio | Imperatriz Leopoldinense 
Inocentes de Belford Roxo | Mangueira | Mocidade | Portela
Salgueiro | São Clemente | União da Ilha | Unidos da Tijuca | Vila Isabel

The Salgueiro rehearsals have always been among the more popular of all the schools, being the most accessible and in one of the more secure areas of Rio compared to a lot of the quadras often found deep in the Baixada Fluminense such as that of Beija Flor. The often beautifully-artworked popular literature mini stories known as Cordel Branco form the basis of the theme for this year, and the organisers will hope to avoid the problems of 2011 when three cars got stuck turning onto the sambódromo, costing precious minutes and, ultimately, points. Salgueiro, Rua Silva Teles 104, Tijuca. Rehearsals Saturdays 10pm.

  • Founded - 1953
  • Titles - 9
  • Colours - Red and white
  • Theme - Fame
  • Queen - Viviane Araújo
  • Last won - 2009 (2nd last year)
  • Fact - The school's rainha de batéria, Viviane Araújo, was the winner of the 2012 edition of smash hit reality TV show A Fazenda (The Farm). Pitting celebrities against each other in a series of obscure challenges, she returned to the Salgueiro quadra in September to a heroes welcome. Her prize? A cool R$2 million. Fitting, then, given this year's theme and sponsorship by society rag Caras.
  • Chances - 12/1 (always contenders)

Words by Doug Gray

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