Time Out Rio de Janeiro


Sunday 10 February, 4.30am.

Beija Flor | Grande Rio | Imperatriz Leopoldinense 
Inocentes de Belford Roxo | Mangueira | Mocidade | Portela
Salgueiro | São Clemente | União da Ilha | Unidos da Tijuca | Vila Isabel

Its fame and history may have been the only thing keeping Portela in the top flight for the past two decades, as it roundly failed to recapture anything approaching the successes of the '40s, '50s and '60s. This year the Madureira-based school turns to the rejuvination of its own historic neighbourhood for inspiration, as well as the 90-year anniversary of the Gremio itself. Portela, Rua Clara Nunes 81, Madureira. Rehearsals Wednesdays 8pm; Fridays 10pm.

  • Founded - 1923
  • Titles - 21
  • Colours - Blue and white
  • Theme - 90 years of Portela, 400 years of Madureira
  • Queen - Patricia Nery
  • Last won - 1984 (6th last year)
  • Fact - In 2008, Portela shocked the crowds with a huge emaciated baby on the back of one of the floats. Following on behind was one showing a devastated forest, and as the parade went on, so the baby grew healthier and the forest grew, wowing the crowds and earning them the highest score for their carros alegoricos that year.
  • Chances - 80/1 (had their time in the sun)

Words by Doug Gray

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