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Album review: Paraphernalia

Starting life in 2001, the eight-man Paraphernalia's live shows have become their calling card, and it is testament to the production nouse of knob-twiddling duo Ricardo Garcia and Kassin that most, if not all, of that energy has been captured on record. Fully instrumental, it is a fresh and summery collection that warrants a space in the collection of anyone who loves a good horn-laden groove and unexpected, unpretentious moment of bliss. Indeed, it sounds at times like the soundtrack to a Brazilian version of Police Squad; the band have a cheeky, jazz-filled musical box and they're not afraid to use it. The strut of tracks like A Furia do Dragão still has more in common with afrodelia and Latin American rhythms than their North American compadres, but Nu Flava (a little work on the titles wouldn't go amiss) literally drips with p-funk the likes of which Clinton's band of cosmic loons would have been proud. Not so Explosivo as they manage to be in person, but a hell of a lot of fun nonetheless.


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