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Album review: Dona Onete

As the fast, tropical beats of technobrega fill the airwaves and soundtrack young hipster clubs thanks to bands like Uô and Gaby Amarantos, a 73 year-old from Pará by the name Dona Onete shows the young upstarts how it is done. Despite her years, Feitiço Caboclo is the first album by Ionete Silveira Gama, fast-plucking bolero and salsa leading the way on tracks like 'Balança Crioulo' and 'Boi Guitarreiro' (featuring guitarrists Mestre Vieira, Pio Lobato and Manoel Cordeiro), all informed with an unmistakably tropical swing. Thus, even when the subject matter of the lyrics talks of abandonment and struggle, a smiling optimism emanates from within, and 'Rio de lágrimas' ('River of Tears') even features a rap from MG Calibre that doesn't feel out of place. Gaby Amarantos also makes an appearance, along with Lia Sophia, Luê Soares and Gang do Eletro's Keila Gentil representing the new school.

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