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Album review: Tatá Aeroplano

This, the first solo album of the prolific Tatá Aeroplano, who is also the singer in the bands Cérebro Eletrônico and Jumbo Elektro, as well as being a DJ, sketches out a series of portraits of 2012 São Paulo. But its musical inspiration is from the ’60s, taking in pop, rock and ballads in songs that often end in psychedelic climaxes replete with choirs and Mellotron keyboards, evoking Os Mutantes.

The album kicks off with ‘Sartriana’, a story about a pseudo existentialist, performed with Leo Cavalcanti, and reaches an urban-story-telling peak in ‘Par de tapas que Doeu em Mim’ – a ten-minute track about a lover’s quarrel, with Rua Augusta as backdrop.

Words by Fabiana Caso

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