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5 Minutes with... Soul Clap

The Boston funk duo speak to Time Out Rio ahead of this weekend's La Folie party alongside Wolf+Lamb.

It's not all that long since you were last here in Rio, but since then the album EFunk has come out and that must have been huge for you. How does it feel releasing your debut album?
It was a big step and we're glad it's behind us.  We love our debut album, but its really only the beginning!  Theres so much more music to write and we can never wait to see what happens next.

Rio is definitely catching São Paulo in the quality, if not the quantity of its electronic music nights. Surely your beats and Rio is a match made in saucy, grindy heaven?
Oh yeeeeaaaaah Brazil is about as sexy as it gets, and Rio?  FORGETABOUTIT!  Can't wait to see those bodies on the dance floor.

Are you sick of getting requests to play (bootleg underground smash) 'Extravaganza'? It still goes down amazingly well here.
Haha, yes!  Lets get something straight, 'Extravaganza' is still a hit (it probably always will be) and it totally captures a moment in time, but we've grown since then. Theres more music, new and old that fits our tastes right now.  It's one thing for a band to always play it's hit songs, but we're DJs and we've got to keep things moving.

What did you make of Rio's party people? The Music Conference is a bit big and blustering but we saw some snaps from a boat party afterwards you played at that looked tasty.
Eli made it on the boat and that was really a perfect taste of the real underground Rio. Beautiful sites, beautiful people and beautiful beats.

Did you hang around for carnival?
All we saw of carnival was on the TV and through the windows of our taxi cab stuck in a traffic jam.  The stories were amazing though, maybe next year.

As a duo you remind us a bit of (UK producers) Basement Jaxx, mainly its the beard/no-beard combo and fearless approach to the funk. Are/were you into them or which producers are you keeping your eyes on at the moment?
Yeah Basement Jaxx were definitely influences back then. 'Fly Life', 'Rendezvous', what jams! This seems like the place to say we're really into the other members of our Wolf+Lamb family like No Regular Play (who are about to drop a new album) Voices of Black, Tanner Ross, Slow Hands and Deniz Kurtel. Also we just started a record label, Soul Clap Records and the debut release from Night Plane sounds like a hybrid of indie rock and house music. The follow up release will be Nick Monaco who's only 21 years old from the Bay Area. Its a really exciting time and we're constantly surrounded by fantastic new music!

How did the show come about here, for us, you guys plus Wolf+Lamb on the same bill is a pretty rare treat. is it part of a South America tour?
This is exclusively a Brazilian tour, but yeah, we're always psyched to play with our brothers from Wolf + Lamb. All four of us bring something totally different to the table and it all mixes together into something we can't even imagine before hand.

Have you seen any pictures of the venue for the shindig (Espaço Sacadura in Gamboa)? Its probably the best party space in Rio right now, we're all rather excited.
Never seen pics, so pumped!
Any other artists been given a bit of a Soul Clap respray lately that we should be keeping an eye out for?
Soul Clap Records!

Soul Clap play Espaço Sacadura on Saturday 10 September

Words by Doug Gray

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