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Inocentes de Belford Roxo

Sunday 10 February, 9pm.

Beija-Flor | Grande Rio | Imperatriz Leopoldinense 
Inocentes de Belford RoxoMangueira | Mocidade | Portela
Salgueiro | São Clemente | União da Ilha | Unidos da Tijuca | Vila Isabel

Belford Roxo receive the dubious honour of opening Carnival 2013 as the only promoted school last year, at the same time marking their debut in the Grupo Especial. Since forming in the early '90s the school flitted between divisions 'C' and 'D' for several years, before finally establishing itself on the second rung in 2008, hiring respected figures from the likes of Beija-Flor to establish themselves among the serious contenders for the top division. Belford Roxo, Avenida Boulevard 1741, Belford Roxo. Rehearsals Wednesdays 8pm.

  • Founded - 1946
  • Titles - None
  • Colours - Blue, red and white
  • Theme - The River Han, and 50 years of South Korean immigration to Brazil
  • Queen - Lucilene Caetano
  • Last won - Never (promoted last year)
  • Fact - Inocentes were the only school to be promoted from the Grupo de Acesso last year following the fire in 2011 that led to no relegations being imposed on the victims. Controversy surrounded their victory, however, with the Military Police receiving complaints that the Belford Roxo-based school was going to win even before the parades had begun, and in spite of judge inconsistencies on scoring day doing little to help their reputation, the result stood.
  • Chances - 500/1 (will be lucky to avoid relegation)

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