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Album review: Titãs

Cabeça Dinossauro Ao Vivo 2012.

Legend has it that every seat in the Teatro Carlos Gomes, in Centro's Praça Tiradentes, was ripped up and chucked out of the building following a 1987 show by Titãs, the fans left fired up, hungry for more and, it would seem, destructive by the aural onslaught of Cabeça Dinossauro, the album released a year earlier. This was politically charged, occasionally skanking, always potent rock that would remain a benchmark in Brazilian music for 25 years.

Listening to the live version recorded in June 2012 at Lapa’s Circo Voador, not a kilometre from that incendiary performance, it is clear that the power is still running deep. The big-riffing ‘Estado Violéncia’ now comes with added axe still wielded by Mike Bellotto, whilst drummer Mario Fabriste leads the charge with some seriously heavy hitting on ‘Porrada’, the sticksman stepping into the shoes of original member Charles Gavin.

Their poppiest moments sneak out on the English-flecked ‘Homem Primata’, and the band wears its late-eighties, New Order influences more loudly on set-closer ‘O Que’  than anywhere else, extending into a six-minute jam that looks even better than it sounds on the live DVD released at the same time. The trouble is, everything is over before it has begun, leaving the faithful once again pent up once the crowd's cheers die down, but this time in the confines of their living room. 

This may not be considered the ‘classic’ line-up, without the guidance and undoubted charisma of Arnaldo Antunes and main singer Nando Reis, but the paired-down version still creates enough of a ruckus to potentially leave the yard littered with items of furniture.

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