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Album review: Seu Jorge

Seu Jorge returns to radio-friendly form with an album that reflects his ever-building presence on the airwaves of his home city, reasserting himself as one of the most important solo artists to emerge from Rio in the last ten years. Brought up in the Baixada Fluminense, simplicity and sunshine run through opening track A Doida, with a chant-along chorus that has made it every bit the hit of previous gems like Minha Condominio. Again the subject matter never gets too lofty (the album title should be enough to put off the purists), but the good times arrangements of Amiga da Minha Mulher and loose jazz-funk of Dia de Comemorar are in many ways reminiscent of the man he famously covered last year, Roy Ayres. The title 'Coolest Man on the Planet' as bestowed by British paper The Observer Music Monthly may have slipped, but he sure knows how to soundtrack a barbecue.

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