Time Out Rio de Janeiro


Sunday 10 February, 2.30am.

Beija-Flor | Grande Rio | Imperatriz Leopoldinense 
Inocentes de Belford Roxo | Mangueira | Mocidade | Portela
Salgueiro | São Clemente | União da Ilha | Unidos da Tijuca | Vila Isabel

Located between the notorious neighbourhoods of Bangu and Realengo, Mocidade may not be the most popular place to visit for a Saturday night rehearsal, but it remains one of the more firmly established and historically successful of the samba schools. Formed out of a football club in the 1950s, Mocidade was crowned champion three times in the '90s under the direction of Renato Lage but has never quite recaptured that form, clinging on to their place in the Grupo Especial on several occasions by just a few precious points since. Mocidade, Rua Coronel Tamarindo 38, Padre Miguel. Rehearsals Saturdays 10pm.

  • Founded - 1955
  • Titles - 5
  • Colours - Green and white
  • Theme - Rock in Rio
  • Queen - Camila Silva
  • Last won - 1996 (9th last year)
  • Fact - In 1985 Mocidade was the first to ever have what is now known as a rainha da bateria (bateria queen), something that today no school worth its salt would parade without. (Not surprisingly, she helped win them the title that year too).
  • Chances - 100/1 (mid-table specialists)

Words by Doug Gray

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