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David Guetta

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David Guetta

Tickets from R$ 60 to R$ 150

Date Mon 19 Nov 2012

Open 10pm

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Avenida Salvador Allende 6555, Barra da Tijuca

Telephone (21) 3035 9100

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Love him or loathe him, it is hard to deny that David Guetta has single-handedly turned dance music into a force comparable to the almighty hip hop in terms of commercial viability. Singers queue up to guest on his tracks, while the detractors wait back in the line shouting about his 'selling out' and the fact he doesn't DJ live any more. Naturally, such accusations are treated with the kind of disdain that any millionaire who has paid his dues can rightfully deploy, and will be hard to make out above the roar of the thousands of adoring fans set to flock West of Rio to see him in 'action', hopefully with a few special guests from among the megastars he has crafted clinically polished pop nuggets for.

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