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Magnificent 7: Bootie Rio

Seven of the top bootleg producers in Brazil, seven of the hottest tracks currently blowing up the floor at Bootie.

For two years the Bootie Rio party has been steamrolling its way through the city's clubs from Fosfobox to Espaço Acústica leaving a trail of destruction and smiling faces in its wake. The tongue-in-cheek, rabble-rousing sounds made in bedrooms the world over are perfectly belied by their titles: 'Smells This Way' (Nirvana Vs. Lady Gaga by Faroff) and 'Fagner Starter' (Prodigy Vs. erm, Fagner by Butal Redneck) to name but two quintessentially Brazilian efforts, while tracks like DJ Faroff's 'System of a Dilma' show what is possible with a little audio-visual wizardry.

The man behind Bootie Rio, the carioca imprint of what is now a global phenomenon, is Fabiano Moreira, and he has selected for us his seven top mash-ups currently taking the dancefloor by storm, from the seven best bootie producers in Brazil...

Airto Moreira vs. MC Créu - 'Celebration Samba Creu'
(by Lucio K)
Lucio took the sophisticated sound of Brazil, bossa nova, and mixed it with the viral funk phenomenon played to death by MC Créu, which took on a whole new meaning and respectability by running through the famous 'five movements' to Airto Moreira's samba. The true spirit of carnival. 

Britney Spears vs. Jorge Vercillo - 'Hold it que nem Maré'
(by DJ JAK)
Here Britney and Jorge Vercillo join forces. From Vercillo, gone are the catchy, annoying lyrics, while Britney gets softer and softer, almost delicate, out on the beach drinking a coconut. You hear the ocean waves in there. Sexy and carioca.

Bajofondo vs. Gaiola das Popozudas vs. Blink 182 vs. Sergio Mendes vs. Ronaldo’s Revenge - 'Samba pra Bailar'
(by Brutal Redneck)
The instrumental track from the Argentine/Uruguian group Bajofondo, famous in Brazil for soundtracking the opening credits of the 'A Favorita' soap opera, leads Valesca Popozada in a positively lysergic jam with Sergio Mendes and Blink 182. Its Gaiola das Popozudas but, for a second, Elza Soares to the ears.

Sapabonde vs. Jack Johnson - 'Vai não se Esconde, Jack'
(by João Brasil)
The girls from Brasília doing sexual politics with bizarre funk lyrics, and the whole macho discussion gets a delicate surf music twist with the love-song lyrics of Jack Johnson, one of those great inventions that only someone like João Brasil would come up with. 

Breakbot vs. MC Kelvin - 'Novinha, I'm Yours'
(by André Paste)
If MC Kelvin was losing his touch with the youth, André Paste helped by adding the hype/indie track from (cult French producer) Breakbot. It became a love song.

Rolling Stones vs. Tati Quebra-Barraco 'I can't get Satisfação'
(by MashmyAs$)
More than just putting two songs together, some mash-up producers also look to put the lyrics together to create new meanings or funny 'duels' like this one. Only a thin line separates the funkeiro from Mick Jagger, as gaúcho producer MashmyAS$ shows here.

Jackson 5 vs. The Beatles - 'I Want you Back in my Life'
(by Faroff)
Following so many songs that help eachother to become something better, how about two classics together? Jackson 5 and The Beatles fit in one track together, but only at the hands of DJ Faroff, a hit maker. You can't listen to this without bobbing your head.

Bootie Rio takes over Fosfobox on 8 June

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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