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Magnificent 7: Marcelinho da Lua

The vinyl junkie throws up a rare-as-hen's-teeth look at the sounds straight from the Ya'Ya High-Fi dancefloor.

Marcelinho Da Lua is the man behind Ya'Ya High-Fi, Studio RJ's exclusively-vinyl party taking the Tuesday night post-Jazzmania slot by storm in its inaugural monthly run. A vinyl collector for some twenty years, the night gives Da Lua and his weekly guests a chance to delve into their crates and pick out a few dusty gems from way back when; by music fanatics, for music fanatics.

"These are seven tracks that typify what we play at Ya'Ya High-Fi, my new night dedicated to vinyl and LPs of which Zairo Marinozo is the rarest. The Paulo Diniz track is a funk and 'wha wha' version of Baião, but all of them have that tropical groove. The party is a coming together of friends who love vinyl and tracks that you just don't hear very often on the dancefloor. We have VJ Montano providing the visuals, and the crew at Mara Records behind some of the rarest tracks... check them out" - Marcelinho da Lua.

(Due to the rare nature of these tracks, only a few could be tracked down online, but remain a good quest for all the vinyl junkies out there).

1 - Zairo Marinozo - 'Balanço no Asfalto'
2 - Claudette Soares - 'Eles Querem Amar'
3 - Elza Soares - 'O Gato'
4 - Marku Ribas - 'Orange Lady'
5 - Paulo Diniz - 'Baião'
6 - Sivuca - 'Ain't no sunshine'
7 - Ed Maciel 'Corazón'

Ya'Ya High-Fi is every Tuesday in April at Studio RJ. Free. 11pm.

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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