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5 Minutes with... Funfarra's Pedro Neschling

The party people putting some fun into the fanfare.

The man behind the off-the-wall Funfarra parties causing a stir in the city and now across the state lines in São Paulo too, Pedro Neschling gives Time Out Rio a little look behind the scenes, revealing the concepts behind the goings on, and just why he is so happy to play tracks by Backstreet Boys or The Spice Girls when he is DJing.

Where did the idea for Funfarra come from?
It came from putting on parties for friends where the playlist was full of songs I like to hear and dance to and I know other people would also like. The idea was always to throw a party without any snobbery, literally between friends, where you are as likely to hear a classic track from when you were young as something less known but pleasing.

And what makes them stand out from rest of the alternative parties?
It's hard to say about my own parties! But I reckon its the relaxed atmosphere, without being 'messy'. Everyone's dancing, meeting friends or making friends and goes home with their spirits lifted a bit higher. That's a little cheesey isn't it? But that's more or less it.

Does your own musical taste dictate what you DJ?
Yes, naturally. The party's style grew out of the idea of a party where I could have fun, and then the DJs that play and have become residents - Matheus Puertas and Yugo - brought their own personalities to the party.

Where does the night peak and what causes the most reaction on the 'floor?
We tend to take a bit of a journey from classic '90s pop to rock, and a little alternative. But I think when its the 'happy' bands of the '90s - Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Britney and The Spice Girls - that's when people go nuts.

What kind of crowd do you normally find at Funfarra?

Since i'm an actor and director and Giba and Beto are producers, we get a lot of arty types coming down. But anyone who comes to have some fun and expect the unexpected on the dancefloor can leave happy. It could be a lawyer or an astronaut.

You have thrown parties in São Paulo too, how was the reaction there?
Our first edition in Sampa surpassed all of our expectations. We filled Cine Joia, a big and beautiful venue, and everyone danced the whole night. It was a great result, possibly one of the best nights of my life, and we're getting everything in place so that we can return as soon as possible.

What makes a good party?
Organisation, good music and cool people.

Give the Time Out readers a little summary for those who have never been...
Okay, well, you're all invited to come and have some fun at the next party. Without a doubt you will find yourselves at home and leave happy...

The next Funfarra is on 14 July 2012 at Espaço Acústica

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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