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Magnificent 7: Mike Frugaletti

The Californian DJ picks the seven tracks currently rocking his dancefloors.

After six years behind the decks in the Cidade Maravilhosa, the San Francisco-born DJ Mike Frugaletti knows a thing or two about what works in the city's clubs. Married to Vivi Seixas (daughter of rock royalty Raul Seixas and a DJ in her own right), the duo are set to release a remix album of her father's work, updating the sound for modern clubs and modern ears. Frugaletti opens up his record bag for Time Out to reveal the tracks that are currently rocking his dancefloors, from Botafogo Social Club to Braza and latest residency Clubbing in Lapa.

Crazy P – ‘Changes’ (DaSunlounge remix)
“This is a very funky tech house track with a soulful vocal and simple, but groovy, rhythms. The beat stems from a classic track you might recognize, but it's not copied. DaSunlounge put a nice twist to what was already a great jam.”

Krafty Kuts - ‘Gimme The Funk’ (original mix)
“It quickly gets pretty obvious why I play this one; a classic loop from Kurtis Blow drops at the beginning, making people dance straight away. Nicely cut up and funked-up with a few classic vocals and a real crowd-pleasing feel to it.” 

A. Skillz – ‘Twang Banger’
“Very funky and a bit glitchy with some rasta vocals make for one banger of a track. A. Skillz has a real knack for increasing the energy of classic break loops and vocals by adding his heavy beats and mixing them with electronic-synth basslines. A great blend for an intense dancefloor session.”

Neighbour – ‘Drunk on the Funk’
“Canadian bad-ass Neighbour's tracks are always filled with funk and break-y grooves and this track is no different. A funky organic bass along with a synthetic one and constant party-rocking vocal daring the crowd to dance works nicely.”

Flow Dynamics – Various productions
“Flow Dynamics contribute their funk-filled beats with this James Brown-style jam. Beautiful flutes tootin’ away to scratches, slap bass and some funky horns.” 

Fort Nox Five - ‘Papa Was Stoned’ (Fuzzbox Inc remix)
“I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this track for the first time. Such a nice blend of the 4x4 house beat and bassline with some serious percussion and brass. The contrast between the acid-like bass and organic horn parts is really something.”

Joss Moog - 'Thats What U R'
“I like to blend the breaks with my favourite style of jacking house. This track by Joss takes a simple drum loop and transforms it into a tough, jacking house track. With a nice repetitive vocal, the track is a driving dancefloor rocker. Always gets people moving.”

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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