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5 minutes with... PillowTalk

The Californian electronic three-piece touch down in Rio for the holiday weekend.

The San Francisco electronic outfit PillowTalk fuse the worlds of R'n'B and electronica into twinkling productions for the likes of Visionquest and Wolf+Lamb records. Occasionally balearic, almost always danceable but unavoidably laden with the swagger that Californian house music is famous for, they have been drafted in for a special public holiday Thursday nighter as part of a South American tour, and Time Out grabbed a quick interview to see what they have planned for the show.

Reading about the story of the band, it sounds that everything seemed to just 'happen'. Did you guys play music before, with other bands or solo?
Yeah, everything just happened. Sammy and I were friends for about eight years when I came to visit San Francisco from LA where I was working in my studio on another project with sax, percussions, vocals and keyboards with some friends. Ryan and Sammy had just set up their studio while I was there visiting, we jammed one night and (last year's single)  'Love Makes Parks' was born. Sammy had already had a handful of releases with Justin Martin on the Dirtybird, Classic and Buzzin’ Fly labels to name a few. I had some releases on Om Records that were more chill, sexy, latin, downtempo. Ryan has been writing music and playing the piano and guitar since before we met and has a lot of song ideas that we still incorporate into our new music today.

When did you realize this was actually working?
We realised it was actually work when we had to quit our real jobs. I was teaching DJing and Music Production in after-school programs for kids for the city of San Francisco and Sammy had a sweet design job in the financial district.

So why the name 'PillowTalk'?
The story goes... We throw a boat party every year with our friends and did a drag queen fashion show where Sammy dressed up and his name was Raven PillowTalk. The rest is pure magic!

Is this your first time in Brazil? Are you familiar with the Brazilian scene?
This is all of our's first time to Brazil and we enjoy and love it very much. Some artists we like and love are Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, Bebel Gilberto, Dick Farney, Gilberto Gil, Gui Boratto, Amon Tobin, DJ Marky (Old school Drum n' Bass) and Michel Teló (just kidding! ha ha ha!).

What are you guys expecting for next Saturday's gig in Rio?
Not sure, but if its like any of the other shows we've played thus far we know we're going to be welcomed with warm hearts, smiling faces and shaking bunda’s. We also have some mutual friends that live in Rio and I have three half sisters that are from Rio so I have some extended family there that are coming to the show to hear us play.

And what are your plans after the tour in Brazil?

We head back home for a couple of days then off to London, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Words by Amanda Scarparo

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