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Five minutes with... DJ Mauricio Lopes

Time Out meets the arch technomeister.

Mauricio Lopes has become one of the most highly-respected house and techno (and everything in between) DJs on the city's nightlife circuit. We caught up with him to grab a quick chat about how he lives life in the Cidade Maravilhosa.

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Rio?
I think Botafogo, where  I have lived for six years. I usually like the place where I am living at the time the most.

If you were mayor for a day what would you do?
I would try to think of a better way of organising these mega events that take place in public spaces (be they sports, artistic, religious, etc) and that paralyse the city with their lack of organisation and structure (transport, security, and so on).

Where do you go to chill out?
Tijuca Forest, to take a walk as well as to have a dip in a waterfall. But, sometimes, just staying at home is the best option.

And to party?
I genuinely don't have one particular favourite. The most fun I have is DJing, wherever that might be.

Carnival - escape the city or jump right in?
Jump right in, but working, ha ha. It is one of the busiest periods in Rio, one party after another. But if it wasn't that way I would probably escape the city and keep well out of the madness and just relax.

What is your favourite restaurant in Rio?
That's a difficult one. I don't have one favourite, but for the atmosphere I love to eat in truly carioca places like Santa Teresa, Lapa and Guaratiba.

Which is your favourite shop?
Videosession in São Conrado. The biggest and best film selection in Rio with a team that really knows their cinema and the products they sell, as well as being attentive and pleasant. Unbeatable.

Where do you go to the beach?
Nowhere specific, wherever has the least people without the usual squash for room.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
I listen to music (house, techno etc) all day long, always searching out the new because of my work. But in between i generally something more 'introspective' by a band like Tindersticks or Coil. I have been listening to the Nicolas Jaar album Space Is The Only Noise.

Which carioca do you admire the most?
Nobody in particular, I like the anonymous carioca who looks after his city and takes care of it.

Walk / Metro / bus / bike?
Walking whenever possible. I like to do everything on foot if possible.

What is the best thing about the Cidade Maravilhosa?
Undoubtedly the interaction between the city and nature. The best thing about Rio is you have all that is good about a great city but at the same time have access to the most isolated places in which to relax. There's nothing better than a quick trip to a waterfall in the middle of the forest and come back with your batteries recharged to tackle the rest of the day. Perfection.

And the worst?
The lack of safety, terrible provision of services and people becoming ever more ignorant.

Words by Time Out Rio de Janeiro editors

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