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Food truck court returns with musical shows

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Food truck court returns with musical shows

Date 13 Sep 2016-16 Sep 2016

Rua Madre Tereza de Calcutá, s/n, Centro

Telephone 20211-174

For the Paralympic Games, the Itinerant Rio Gourmet food truck court, installed across the Rio Media Center (RMC), will gain new attractions. The space, which was a gastronomic point during the Olympic Games, will have musical performances always starting at 6:30 pm. On Thursday and Friday (Sept. 8 and 9), and next week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (Sept. 14 to 16), singer and composer Gabriel Lobo will have his turn, and will present the show Mister Jazz and Dona Bossa, with Argentine percussionist Arukia Caraballo. On Tuesday (Sept. 13), the stage will receive the singer Seu Fontes, former member of the Farofa Carioca group, that will perform a repertoire with songs from Cazuza and Cartola.

Another innovation planned for the period of the Paralympic Games will be the festival of handmade beers and draught beers. Many with special discounts up to 50%, compared to market prices. Drinks will be offered in eight options, some with triple fermentation. Regarding food, Homer Santorini, producer the Itinerant Rio Gourmet, said the idea is to change the seven trucks from one week to another.

According to the organizer, the idea of the food truck is for it to offer high-quality food and good service. The trucks receive evaluations from surveillance offices and certified companies. Those who visit the food truck court in front of the RMC will find specialty coffee brought by Sebrae; tapioca; sandwiches of various types, and meats. Another blockbuster is the bicycle Céu de Brigadeiro with sweets made from Belgian chocolate. Henry GonzalezHe, director of Human Resources of the Rio 2016 Games, who had just enjoyed a sandwich, praised the initiative. “The space is very nice, the food is excellent, and the service is quick, besides being a change in the habit of going to a self-service restaurant.”

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