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Post-beach eats

Cariocas are passionate about the beach, so it makes sense that they're equally particular about what they do and where they do it when the leave the sand. After a day grazing on nothing but Globo biscuits the need for something a little more substantial can be overwhelming, but where can you go to in sandy bermudas?.

One of the most famous pubs in Rio, Braca as it is known by the regulars is almost constantly full from opening (at 8am) til close (around midnight), and when not full, its simply packed. Patrons fill the pavement outside clamouring at the tireless waiters for more cold chopp and they duly oblige, along with recommending some perfect fillers like pork sandwiches, cod balls and deep fried pasteis. Perfect, simple and rowdy fun, stick around if there are no tables immediately available, the nearby cars seem to make just as good lean-to's. Rua Jose Linhares 85b, Leblon (21 2294 3549).

Not far from Bracarense is another Leblon institution, albeit slightly less obviously post-beach since the bar area is fully indoors, although the majority of punters still line the pavement outside, leaving little puddles of sand at closing time. The food varies from simple snacks to more extravagant items like the fried golden frog. No kidding. Avenida Ataúlfo de Paiva 1166b, Leblon (21 2274 0547).

Gula Gula
On the second block from the beach the laidback atmosphere at Gula Gula belies the quality of the food on the menu, where sophisticated salads steal the show. Sitting outside on the patio in the dying embers with your wet swimming cozzie soaking through your shorts and a glass of wine on the go is a fine way to round off any weekend beach outing. Rua Henrique Dumont 57, Ipanema (21 2259 3084).

Doce Delícia
Like its neighbor Gula Gula, Doce Delícia offers the best in healthy foods that don't have to play havoc with your bikini/trunks figure. Grilled foods, a huge range of salads and quiches and quick, friendly service make it a great stop-off. Rua Anibal de Mendonça 55, Ipanema (21 2259 0239).


Pavão Azul
Copacabana's very own Braca, the 'Blue Peacock' will similarly fill up from early til late, though it is the bottled beer that comes flying out rather than chopp and the bolinhos de bacalhau are award winning rather than just 'good'. A bit of a must for those coming off the middle of Copacabana beach. Rua Hilario de Gouveia 71, Copacabana (21 2236 2381).

Garota de Copacabana
When you're coming off the beach and need something substantial then the Garota is a good bet. The picanha brasileira steak comes with at least four different carbs and its own hotplate, meaning you can cook the flavoursome slices just the way you want them. As for the pizzas and pastas, dont expect them to be gourmet, but this is fun, functional and filling rather than anything to write home about. Avenida Atlantica 3744, Copacabana (21 2521 4705).

Barra da Tijuca
Juice Bibi
The perfect snack-stop, Bibi is an institution of a different kind, serving up that most carioca of informal atmospheres and menus. Choose from a host of burgers and sandwiches, omelettes and crepes, and the juices and açaí are second to none. Rua Olegario Maciel 493, Jardim Oceânico, Barra da Tijuca (21 2493 6033).


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