Setembro Verde (Green September)

11 Sep 2012-14 Oct 2012

Photo from the exhibition '-40ºC a +40ºC, Antártida a Amazônia'
Photo from the exhibition '-40ºC a +40ºC, Antártida a Amazônia'

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Serious-minded yet never dull, Matilha Cultural will once again energise ecological debate this month with ‘Setembro Verde’ (‘Green September’), a month-long series of exhibitions, documentaries and debates designed to raise environmental awareness.

The event’s main attraction is Bárbara Veiga’s photo exhibition, '-40ºC a +40ºC, Antártida a Amazônia'. Having travelled the world with a group of environmentalists for the past seven years, Veiga returned with a fascinating sequence of images ranging from everyday life in an Amazonian tribe to a campaign against whaling in Antartica. Veiga will be giving a lecture about her travels at 8pm on 23 September.

In addition to live events is set to be a series of documentaries shown in Matilha’s small but cosy cinema. Look out for Pimp My Carroça (9pm on 20 September), in which local graffiti artist Mundano meets some of São Paulo’s 20,000 recyclable waste collectors and helps them ‘pimp’ their carroças (carts) as a means of paying tribute to this vital, yet overlooked group.

By Cecília Gianesi

Event details

Matilha Cultural

Address Rua Rêgo Freitas 542

República, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 3256 2636

Matilha Cultural website

Date 11 Sep 2012-14 Oct 2012

Open 12-8pm Tue-Fri, Sun; 2-8pm Sat; 12-8-pm Sun


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