Samba school rehearsal: GRES Rosas de Ouro

Wed 26 Feb 2014

Critics' choice
Eduardo Monnerat, Press image
Rosas de Ouro samba school
Drummers from the Rosas de Ouro samba school

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Conquering the crowds in 2010 with its first-place-winning chocolate theme, and placing second in 2012 and 2013, the samba school Rosas – which was started under the auspices of Rio powerhouse Mangueira – hopes to capture another win at the Sambódromo this year by remaining at the forefront of the judges’ minds with its theme, ‘Inesquecível’ (unforgettable).

The basics The rehearsals are a chance for anyone planning to parade to learn that year’s chosen song (samba-enredo), for the drummers to master their rhythms, for the dancers to get in step, and for the neighbourhoods to start the celebrations. But don’t let the term ‘rehearsal’ confuse you – a samba school ensaio is as much a party as a chance for the school to practice, and everyone is welcome for a cover fee. They can be crowded, sometimes slightly chaotic events, so take care to work out beforehand how you’re getting home, and leave valuables behind.

Event details

Escola de Samba Rosas de Ouro

Address Rua Coronel Euclides Machado 1066

Limão, São Paulo

Telephone (11) 3931 4555

Admission from R$ 20 to R$ 30

Date Wed 26 Feb 2014

Open 9pm

Samba school rehearsal: GRES Rosas de Ouro website


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