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Contando Margens: Os Rios de São Paulo

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Contando Margens: Os Rios de São Paulo

Date 22 Mar 2012-22 Jun 2012

Open Same as each metro station

Santa Cecília, Santo Amaro and Sé stations, from 22 Mar-4 April; Luz, República and Clínicas stations, from 4 April-22 June,

 An exhibition called ‘Counting the Margins: Sao Paulo’s Rivers’ couldn’t possibly make its subject much clearer: it features the city’s three great rivers – the Tietê, the Pinheiros and the Tamanduateí – as portrayed by photographer Thomas Kremer.

The objective of Kremer’s photographic journey is to document the bodies of water and to impress upon people how important the rivers are to the health of the city, its growth and the toll urban life and pollution takes on them. The exhibitions can be found from 22 March 22 to 4 April inside the Santa Cecília, Santo Amaro and Sé metro stations. After 4 April, the exhibition will move to the Luz, República and Clínicas stations until 22 June.

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