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Date 05 Apr 2013-14 Apr 2013

Minhocão, Santa Cecília

São Paulo’s famous 24-hour party, the Virada Cultural (an annual event bringing cultural activities to the city’s downtown area, which returns in May), gets a lot of kudos for injecting life and culture into the city’s tragically decadent downtown area.

BaixoCentro, an independent cultural event now in its second edition, does the same for the neighbourhoods around the Minhocão area – that's the raised flyover that dominates parts of Santa Cecília, Vila Buarque, Campos Elísios, Barra Funda and Luz.

Like the Virada Cultural, BaixoCentro aims to bring its own blend of art, sweat and partying to other not-so-hip sections of the city. But unlike Virada, the event was dreamed up by a completely independent organisation with no institutional or governmental support: its promoters got their resources from crowdfunding and more traditional methods, like holding auctions and sales.

The full activities schedule – which will include a series of debates as well as theatre and dance performances – should be online at baixocentro.org/programacao from the beginning of March.

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