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Christmas Eve – Nightlife

Have a yourself a very Merry Christmas.

While the Yuletide season often means homemade dinner with loved ones and tearing open gifts under an artificial tree, the holidays might also elicit feelings of claustrophobia.

For those who would rather forget what night it is, don’t panic: Time Out São Paulo has chosen a plethora of parties that just happen to be on Christmas Eve. And while some may be holiday-themed, you can put aside your fears of suffering through another round of ‘Deck the Halls’.

Best of all, if you still want to get your eggnog fix at home beforehand, it's no problem – these parties don't get going until after midnight. Plenty of time for another helping of stuffing and a pre-party disco nap.

  • Christmas at The Society The nice, posh two-floor club spins naughty house music.
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  • Christmas Nite This retro-ready disco dance party comes complete with the Boogie Disco's breakfast for the all-nighters.
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  • Open Christmas Beco 203 gives the gift of indie rock, and all the beer, vodka, and whiskey you can handle.
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  • Orgástica Head to Baixo Augusta's Vegas club for wild alt-rock festivities.
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  • Santo Forte Brazilian sounds dominate this high-temp party at Estúdio Emme.
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  • Voodoohop do Natal Afro-Psicodélico An eclectic mix of DJs converge in an abandoned downtown building to shake up the holiday with their dangerous playlists.
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