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With two huge culture events kicking off in São Paulo in February – Campus Party and Social Media Week – we asked Bia Granja – co-founder of YouPix and curator of both Social Media Week and the social media part of Campus Party – to recommend three interesting digital personalities in São Paulo. And to keep the ball rolling, each of those three people recommended a further two people. Still with us? Here are the pick of the digital pack:

@biagranja recommends:

  • @rosana Author, blogger and communications expert 
    ‘Rosana Hermann is the person with the best understanding of people’s behaviour on the internet that I’ve met. She has such a clear vision.’
  • @bobwollheim Co-founder of YouPix and internet entrepreneur
    ‘Bob Wollheim has been working with the internet, in Brazil and abroad, ever since the 1990s. He’s like a web dinosaur, and he knows everything about his universe, as well as being someone with business interests in that world.’
  • @interney Owner of the blogging network Interney, and VP Publishing at boo-box
    ‘Edney Souza is Brazil’s blogosphere king. He was the first to found a blog network here, at one time the largest in Latin America. He’s an expert in social media to the extent that you can’t talk about the internet without talking about Interney.’

@rosana recommends:

  • @revistabula A cultural journalism website
    ‘The tweets by Revista Bula, a cultural journalism site created by Carlos Willian Leite, are a delight to read because they always have something to offer.’
  • @vyktorb Web designer
    ‘Vyktor Berriel is something else. He’s a funny guy, in a cynical way. Somebody who influences and observes other tweeters’ behaviours.’

@bobwollheim recommends:

  • @lalai Co-owner of Remix Social Ideas, a social media advertising company
    ‘A few years ago, Lalai was working at a high-profile ad agency and she was one of the first people to notice the power of social networks – that if you have a fan page, social media can transcend mere interactivity to become a real conversation.’
  • @ianblack Founder and co-owner of the social media strategy company, New Vegas
    ‘Ian Black is totally passionate about social media – he even met his wife through a social network. He has achieved something few other people could: he has developed a company that helps big brands to think about social media.’

@interney recommends:

  • @inagaki Social media consultant
    ‘Alexandre Inagaki has become one of the most renowned bloggers on the internet, and has received several awards for his blogging. Now he works as a consultant for big brands with huge online presences.’
  • @marcogomes Founder of the social media advertising company, boo-box
    ‘Marco Gomes is the creator of boo-box, a technology company that specialises in ads for social media. They serve about 3 billion ads a month to more than 65 million Brazilians, via 280,000 blogs and 12,000 Twitter profiles.’

By Time Out São Paulo editors


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