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Vintage Brazilian beer labels

Craft beer label designer Randy Mosher, the man behind the designs for a number of Brazilian brews, explored the world of vintage Brazilian labels as part of his research.

These vintage Brazilian designs, which date back to the early 1900s, are part of Randy Mosher’s collection of old beer labels from around the world. Mosher uncovered them during the research he did for Brazilian craft beers, Colorado, and later Amazon Beer, among others.

'Everything is about being modern and new,' says Mosher. 'So, after talking with Marcelo [Rocha, owner of Colorado], I looked at some of the old Brazilian beer labels and I remember being struck by their sort of naïve sense of possibility.' 

The labels include a number of Brahma brews (a brand that now belongs to the world’s largest brewing company), and lively characters such as a joker, or the curvy ballerina adorning a Porto Alegre beer, Cerveja Negrita.

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