Rauricio Barbosa – live painting on the street

Sat 14 Jul 2012

Rauricio Barbosa/Press Image
'Inconcretus', Rauricio Barbosa
'Inconcretus', Rauricio Barbosa

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Most artists try to make their work stand out, Rauricio Barbosa however, has a knack for making his disappear. Barbosa is one of 12 artists in 'As Margens no Centro', which revolves around the interplay between artistic urban interventions and the city’s rundown, fascinating Centro.

By body-painting his subjects so that they are camouflaged against the bustling, and often decadently crumbling urban landscape, the artist emphasises how easy it is to become invisible in a jam-packed city like São Paulo. It’s part of a two-month-long exhibition at Estúdio Lâmina, one of the Centro’s most interesting new art spaces and ‘a meeting point for artists', says the curator and co-creator of the studio, Luciano CortaRuas.

Where to catch Barbosa painting live on the street

  • 11am, 7 July
    Estação da Luz, at the corner of rua Mauá com a rua General Couto de Magalhães, Bom Retiro.
  • 1pm, 7 July
    Largo do Paiçandu, Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Homens Pretos, República.
  • 11am, 8 July
    Pátio do Marco Zero, Rua Boa Vista, Sé.
  • 11am, 8 July
    Rua 25 de Março, Sé.
  • At the opening day for the exhibition 'As Margens no Centro'
    11am-1pm, 14 July, In front of Estúdio Lâmina, Avenida São João 108, Sé.
Rauricio Barbosa/Press image



By Alexis Sogl

Event details

Estúdio Lâmina

Address Avenida São João 108, apt 41 and 44

Sé, São Paulo

Metrô 1, São Bento

Telephone (11) 3228 6815

Date Sat 14 Jul 2012

Open See Rauricio Barbosa's work until 15 Sep at Estúdio Lâmina


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