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Recorte Transversal

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Recorte Transversal

Date 14 Mar 2013-30 Mar 2013

Open 11am-7pm Tue-Fri; 11am-6pm Sat.

Galeria Transversal - Vila Madalena
Rua Fidalga 545, Vila Madalena

Telephone (11) 3392 5287

Opening its brand new, 400m space in Vila Madalena, the Barra Funda gallery kicks off with a group show featuring the printmakers Claudio Mubarac and Fabrício Lopez, sculptures by Ester Grinspum, architectural photography by Nelson Kon, plus works by Miguez and Monteiro of the 1980s art group Casa 7, and the German artists Norbert Schwontkowski and Marlon Wobst. 

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